10+ Dinosaur clothing & costume ideas.

August 18th, 2020

We are loving Dinosaur’s right now and many people we know are too. Dinosaur themed bedrooms, dinosaur clothing, cakes, books it goes on and on!

We’ve compiled this list of dinosaur themed things below, check it out and leave your comments below on your favourite dinosaur things.

Dinosaur Masks

Check out these downloadable and printable dinosaur masks. We are thinking they make a great kids activity pack.

Print out the “colour your own” ones, give the little one’s paints, pens, pencils and some of those wobbly eyes to glue. Covering everything in paint should keep them busy for at least half a latte.

Dinosaur hoodie

Look how cute this hoodie is from liveoriginally.com.

Custom dinosaur clothing: Personalised Dinosaur Pyjamas

Check out these personalised dinosaur pyjamas.

Dinosaur pyjamas

Super easy dinosaur feet

Check out these easy dinosaur feet. You could make these with a toddler. You just need a foam sheet, and whatever you think a dinosaur wears! Glitter, fluff, cotton wool. Paint it, colour it,


Make your own dinosaur clothing with these DIY dinosaur socks

If you’ve got a sewing machine, these dinosaur socks look easy to make. Full instructions given on

Custom Toddler dinosaur shoes

Check these out, so cute! Custom dinosaur shoes on Instructables.

Dinosaur Christmas Jumper

Bella Maria Boutique is selling this handmade Christmas Dinosaur jumper. Yay for Christmas dinosaur clothing!

Milkivore (we can make up our own species) baby grow

Check out this simple yet soft and squishy dinosaur baby grow / onesie for your newest dinosaur.

Dinosaur tails

Dinosaur tails for kids. Look! Make your own. You could make a bunch and tie them to the back of chairs!

Other Dinosaur things

Dinosaur cake topper
Dinosaur cake toppers

What dino-themed things are you loving right now?