Clearpay – spread the cost of your order.

August 25th, 2020

Clearpay lets you spread the cost of your order over multiple payments. If you’ve used Clearpay before, you know the deal. If not, continue reading.

One question we have been asked quite a few times is can you spread payments out. We’ve never been able to say “yes” but now we can.

We’re raising the worlds most demanding vet, the sister law is raising a future wrestling champion and a record-breaking milk drinker. The products we sell are for your own future champion and usually a special occasion like a birthday, a wedding, a newborn baby.

You’re buying a product personalised to you for a special occasion and you’ve probably purchased a bunch of other things for it too. These costs add up and were trying to help.

How does Clearpay work?

It’s simple. Add your product to your cart, check out and pick the Clearpay option, you’ll go to their website and they’ll ask you some questions and you’ll make your first payment if all goes to plan.

After that, you’ll get your order and Clearpay will take the payments.

Theres no interest to pay and no extra cost to you. There’s an app for you to manage it all.

Learn more about Clearpay on their website or email us if you have any questions.