Hope, disguised as rainbows.

July 1st, 2020

Rainbows have entertained, reassured, comforted and given hope to nearly all of us.

Most of us have had COVID affect our lives at some point during this pandemic. Whether that be from little ones not being able to attend school, older children missing out on their exams and proms, or us parents being furloughed or made redundant. In worse cases, the loss of a loved one.

Almost instantly, I noticed was that rainbows started to appear everywhere. During the first week of lockdown, many took to drawing a rainbow and displaying them in windows so that the children doing their daily exercise can count them and look at them.

Then the NHS used the rainbow beside their logo. The bright colours are surrounding the blue symbol of the NHS, our NHS.

It occurred to me that there is so much more meaning to the rainbow that just the bright colours and the entertainment of children. The rainbow symbolises hope. Hope that we as a nation and a world are going to beat this virus. Hope that lives will go back to the norm.

When a rainbow occurs naturally it is during a storm when the sun is trying to breakthrough. Well, what if this is our storm? The hope is the rainbow. We have to nurture our faith and let that guide us, just like the rainbow. The sun is going to come through the clouds, and the storm is eventually going to stop.

Yes, we may not go back to complete normality. For those who have lost loved ones, that’s an impossibility. For our children, they will never go back to the schools in which they once knew. BUT, we have this rainbow, this hope. That this will be over soon, and our loved ones are going to stop falling victim to COVID.

The hype of the rainbow is hope. The light at the end of the tunnel. Our future.