Thing’s we’re looking forward to do in 2021.

February 10th, 2021

The past 12 months have been difficult for every one. We’ve all missed things we love and enjoy, here are some of our favourite things we can’t wait to do again in 2021.

Kite flying in Mersea

Mersea is a happy place for us. We’ve been crabbing off the pontoon, in the sea in March, and October. We’ve had picnics, tea at The Gilt Rooms and of course oysters.

Lunch at The Hoop

If you know about The Hoop, you know their Sunday roasts are a big deal. Phil’s 48 hour gravy please!

Family BBQ!

At some point, over the last few years, somebody in our family sets fire to a bunch of wood and grills things over it. Casual, relaxed affairs, food, sun (hopefully) and family.

Horse riding

It’s been a year since the kid last sat on a Horse and we can’t wait for her to get back to it. A good end to the week spending a Friday evening talking to Trigger about carrots.


This is for Dad but India is always a good place to be for work, food, good people, soaring heat and a productive environment.

Trips to Museums & Zoo’s

Science Museum, History Museum, the NRM in York. Colchester Zoo, Paradise wildlife park

The Game Fair

Everybody loves a good fair/show in a field in the summer. Horse shows, car shows, the section with the owls.

The Theatre

Feels like so long since we’ve been. I would love to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time again.

Other things to do in 2021 (mostly in Essex)

  • Feed the ducks at Hanningfield reservoir
  • Walk along Southend Pier
  • Cockle sheds at Leigh
  • Pick your own fruit
  • Go Karting at Lakeside
  • T20 Blast

What are you looking forward to do in 2021?