What we’re doing for Halloween 2020

October 27th, 2020

Halloween is nearly upon and one thing you can’t do this year is to go trick or treating but how can you do something for the kids?

We’re looking at Easter for inspiration, and we are doing a spooky sweet hunt! We’ve got a family allotment with at the house of the person in our “bubble”, but this would work in your garden or house with the lights off!

Halloween staples

Firstly, we’re going to do the pumpkin carving, light the BBQ, cook some sausages and get some of Jamie Oliver’s hot chocolate on the go. The pumpkins become props later.

Maybe even a bit of apple bobbing and roasting some marshmallows over the BBQ.

Sweet hunt in the dark

We’re going to buy the sweet’s, mark them with a UV pen and hide them around the allotment/garden. Some we’ll hang from apple tree’s, stash some in bushes.

We’ll then give them a UV torch to hunt their sweets. We’ve not done it before but should keep ’em busy for a while, and hopefully, the UV marker works!

Spooky Halloween decorations

We’re going to make it a bit spooky so we’ve got some cheap battery-powered “fairy” lights to scatter around the tree’s and were going to make some glow stick milk bottles.

We’ll put the pumpkin’s they’ve carved around the garden with candles in and we’ve got a Bluetooth speaker we can play some spooky sounds on.

If it rain’s we have a gazebo we can use outdoors, and we’ve got raincoats. Hot chocolate and a hot dog should do the trick.

As for the kids themselves, they’re undecided on costumes, but they’ll be in glow sticks, face paint and a hair bow for the girl. If you’re quick, you can get some Halloween Hairbows.

Let us know what you’re doing for Halloween and we hope you’re safe and well.